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Carbon Monoxide – the silent killer

Daylight savings has clicked over and the temperature has dropped. In most homes and offices we are making a beeline to the heater just to stay warm.

As much as it is important to stay warm, we want you to stay safe as well.

Gas heaters are great for keeping warm but they can be deadly if not maintained properly. If gas heaters are faulty or poorly maintained they can leak carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be lethal as it can’t be seen and has no smell. It can cause death or chronic illness. Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen in any home or building with gas heating appliances, even newer ones.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer – you can’t see if, smell it or taste it. The only way to keep your family safe is to get all gas heaters serviced or by installing a CO alarm detector.
Carbon Monoxide Alarm PROMOTION

You have asked and we have listened.

Recently, a number of Ezzy R Electrics customers have enquired about the installation of Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detectors in their homes and offices.

For the month of MAY, we are offering our customers a CO detector alarm installed (ceiling or wall mounted) PLUS a complementary Home Safety Check for $129 (see full promotion below).

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