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Defect notices are issued when the installation is not safe enough to be connected. Often the electricity
distributor will cut power completely or give a notice that work must be completed (to comply within a
set period of time).

We get many enquires about electrical defect notices so we thought we would put your mind at ease
and provide you with a simple guide that answers the common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an electrical defect notice?

    An electrical defect notice can be issued by your electricity distributor if your connection to the electricity network doesn’t meet safety standards. (In the area we cover this will be Citipower or United Energy)

  • Why are defect notices issued?

    Defect notices are issued when the installation is not safe enough to not be connected.

    This can be due to:

    • Burnt out or damage to the mains box (this is the box that connects power from the premises to
      the street
    • Faulty or damaged meter panel (including exposed wiring or the meter panel rotten/falling off)
      Old, decrepit, faulty or incorrect mains wiring
    • Recent alterations or additions to the connection that do not comply
    • Following any building fire that is attended by MFB
  • Isn’t the defect the responsibility of the power company?

    The power companies have a responsibility to maintain and repair the electricity network, but residents and businesses are responsible for the connection points where the power extend onto the property.

    All work from the first point of connection is your responsibility.

  • What happens if the defect isn’t cleared and the issue isn’t resolved?

    Any defects that are not repaired within 21 days after notification may result in electricity supply to the property being disconnected until repairs are completed to safety and service standards.

  • Who can repair the fault?

    A Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) is required to repair the fault.

    The work will require a Certificate of Electrical safety, and often will also need to be inspected by an Electrical Inspector.

Next Steps.

If you have no power, you will not be able to have your power connected without an REC
(Registered Electrical Contractor) completing work and submitting a certificate of electrical safety.

If you have 21 days to get your defect repaired, we suggest you move quickly as the works may be
a big job and require a day or more to complete and may need non-standard parts ordered in.

If you are in or near Caulfield, call us. Don’t wait until the last minute as you may be caught
out with no power to your home or business if the repairs aren’t done within the allocated time frame.

At Ezzy R Electrics, we pride ourselves on being one of most reliable and
efficient electricians in Caulfield.

Call us to get the correct job done and have your power issue resolved.