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Most people know what makes a good meeting, yet so many meetings are unproductive. So if we understand that efficient and effective meetings require preparing and sticking to agendas, starting and ending on time, and keeping minutes, why do meetings go awry?
The answer goes beyond the technical aspects of running meetings. To understand what turns potentially productive time in wasted hours, we must consider the people who run and attend meetings.
The form of the meeting is simply a reflection of the culture.” Quite simply, people power meetings. And when those people work in a culture of caring, commitment, and cooperation, meetings will be productive, perhaps even regardless of whether or not you have an agenda and start on time.

The Emotionally Intelligent Meeting
It is said that meetings are often events where minutes are kept, but hours are lost. However, productive meetings are attended and led by individuals with high levels of emotional intelligence. These individuals focus on providing a positive contribution and are aware when others are tuning in or out to meeting content. Emotionally intelligent individuals are rarely disruptive and know how to deal with those who are. They have highly developed communication and listening skills and know how to respectfully raise concerns. They effectively manage their emotions and stay calm when the conversation gets heated.
What we do
• Ensure all the power needs? At your business meeting.
• Floor Boxes = powerpoints in the floor – ensure no messy cords connecting your laptop
laptop screen – TV – plug in HDMI to pp under desk
• Need power to either TV or projector
• Ceiling speakers
• Specific lighting requirements – dim lighting, spotlight lighting etc.
• Data network – ensure data capabilities in room.
• We specialize in ensuring no wiring can be seen.

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