Have the reassurance that you are tapping into your power source with a safe and secure power point.  We provide installations and also safety inspections to ensure your business or home is using reliable power points.

You see with electricity you cant see it, or smell it, or taste it. When you hear it, thats a bad sign and if you touch it… Well thats our job to prevent. Over time, switchboards will require maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and rewiring. The problem is that MOST switchboards we see have gone too long without any professional attention. A well-maintained switchboard is one that runs efficiently and safely for the long run!

Our team of electricians will ensure the safety of those around your and assets by maintaining and installing safety switches on your switchboard. If a device or appliance is faulty or if someone comes into contact with the electricity, the circuit will “trip” and you could be reassured that you would have  minimal or no property loss or damage to human life.

Our Electrical Power Services cover the following:

  • Emergency service calls – no power
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Buzzing switches and powerpoints
  • Powerpoint installations
  • Safety switches and switchboard upgrades
  • Smoke alarms
  • Meter panel, mains box and mains repairs and installation
  • Electric Hot Water unit repairs
  • Electric oven and other appliance installations
  • Electric blinds and awnings
  • Time clocks and contactors for lighting and power control